Why Do I Choose SMAN 3?


Why Do I Choose SMAN 3?

So, here are my reasons …

SMAN 3 is a public school in Bandung. It is popular for the huge number of students who are accepted in the SNMPTN (a way for students who have just graduated from Senior High School to be able to enter public university without a test). Its passing grade is the highest in Bandung as well. If I am asked why I wanted to enter SMAN 3, I think I have typical reasons like the others. I want to apply for the SNMPTN (and - of course - wish to be accepted) and try a new situation at school.

When I was in the 9th Grade and thought of which school I wanted to enter, the idea of studying at SMAN 3 had never come to my mind because since I was an Elementary Student, I always study at a private school. I only thought of some private schools that many people said were good. I’ve never known how is the situation in public schools, whether it is the same or different with private school.

Neither my father nor my mother were graduated from SMAN 3 (I heard a rumor that usually students who studied there are the child of whom were also the alumni of SMAN 3). But I was sure enough they know about SMAN 3, but they also never thought of schooling me there.

My father told me that so many sudents from SMAN 3 Bandung are accepted in the SNMPTN. He also said that most of his friends (in UNPAD) are the alumni of SMAN 3. When I heard that, I changed my perception of public schools and my parents asked me if I wanted to study there. I started to decide whether I wanted to enter SMAN 3 or other private school, because I want to apply for Medical when I graduated Senior High School, so I need to be accepted in the SNMPTN to get an easier way to be accepted in that major besides I have to study hard to achieve that. And one of those ways are going to study in SMAN 3 since usually in private schools, less students are accepted.

As SMAN 3 is a favorite school in Bandung, I will meet lots of smart people if I study there since its passing grade is the highest. In one side, it motivated me to apply for SMAN 3, as it meant that the materials given there will be above average and the teachers definitely are the great ones. But in the other side it made me reluctant, will I be able to follow the learnings? Will I be able to complete all the tasks given?

I’ve heard many rumors that there will be so many homeworks and the tests are quite difficult because the questions are taken from SBMPTN, SIMAK UI, or other tests for entering universities. Somehow, actually, it is an advantage as the students won’t be ‘surprised’ when they face the real tests, so their chance to be accepted in those tests are bigger. In the other side, I’m afraid that I can’t reach good scores if the questions are that difficult. But, I’m sure if I study and do the tasks well, I will be able to keep my scores good.

When I asked my friends where they would continue their study, quite many of them wanted to apply for public school, especially SMAN 3, and some of my teachers recommended SMAN 3 too. They said if I wanted to be a doctor, studying there will give me a bigger chance to be able to take Medical major in public universities like UI, UNPAD or UGM.

Beside that, I have heard that there is an acceleration program in 3 SHS. Studying Medical will take a long time, about 4 years for lectures, 2 years for practicing in the hospital (being a co-assisstent)  and the last is 1 year for internship in the local hospital. So, in total, I will spend 7 years until I can be a doctor. If I take that program, I can save 1 year for university. It is quite much of time to be saved for. Moreover, the chance to be accepted in the SNMPTN if I’m graduated from acceleration program is higher. So, I want to try to apply for acceleration program.

I have heard that SMAN 3 uses SKS program, like many universities in Indonesia. I haven’t really understood what was SKS and how was the system, so if I am used to run that system, I won’t be very confused with it when I enter university. I can manage my studies better because I already had an experience before.

There is one more reason I wanted to enter SMAN 3. Like I said before, I used to study at a private school, but I wished to enter public university. If I enter a private high school, it will be difficult for me to adapt when the time comes to enter college. So, I chose SMAN 3 so that I have already known before how is the situation in public school.

So, those are the reasons why I wanted to enter SMAN 3.

Now, I study there and I am a part of X-MIPA-11 class. I am sure I didn’t make a wrong decision.

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