Hello everyone! Based on the title above, in this post I will tell you a little bit about Zermatt.

Zermatt is a town, or may be a village, located in Switzerland, at the foot of the Matterhorn. It is geographically small, but it consists of many great things that aren’t found in many places. It is considered to be an old styled town for its buildings and you will not find any combustion-engine cars there.

Zermatt Village

Most of its local economy is based on tourism. Many tourists visit Zermatt for its cosiness. You can reach Zermatt by train. The train station is the focal point for tourists who come here by train. In this station, you can book a taxi or a horse-drawn carriage if you want to go to your hotel as it is also the base station for transportations. But in fact you can just walk everywhere in this village as it is near from shops to shops and it is safe enough to. No cars, and no pickpockets.

Train Station, with Electric Cars and 
Horse-Drawn Carriage for Downtown Transportations

Why are cars not allowed there? Since 1961, Zermatt has no traffic anymore. Actually, there are cars there, but they are electric ones for local commerces. There are almost no combustion-engine cars because it causes air and noise pollution which could disturb the view of Matterhorn and its mild air. But, for emergency (fire trucks, ambulances, etc.) and municipal (garbage trucks, etc.) vehicles,  combustion engines are allowed.

Electric Car (Taxi)

Houses, shops, restaurants, and hotels there are very ordered. Even though it is a small village, there are about 100 hotels for the tourists. Three hotels of the best hotels in Zermatt are : the Monte Rosa (the first hotel in Zermatt), the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof and the Mont Cervin Palace. All three hotels have bars open to non-residents where visitors can experience all the hospitality and charm that characterise Zermatt’s hotel tradition.

3 Best Hotels in Zermatt

For shops, there are not many difference from Indonesia, they sell food, souvenirs, groceries, and etc. They are open at about 10 AM and close at about 9 PM. The sellers are also very friendly. For restaurants, you should do a self-service, ordering food and cleaning the table are included. For the price of the food (they use euro, and if it is converted to rupiah) is quite expensive but actually a standard price for europe regions. Mineral water costs 2-3€ and roadside ice cream costs 10€.

Zermatt Village in the Winter

Zermatt Village in the Summer

In this town there are some special attractions for tourist that will be explained below.

Matterhorn Museum
It is filled with things connected to the development of Zermatt. It shows the triumph and tragedy surrounding the first ascent of the Matterhorn. It makes its own world inside the museum, there are powerful pictures and stories about the archeological excavation “Zermatlantis”. There are also pictures and important things from the events in Matterhorn.

From here you can see the view of the Matterhorn. You can reach this place by taking a 30 minutes open-air cog railway from the Zermatt station to the summit of the Gornergrat.

The Sunnegga Paradise is accessed via the Sunnega Express funicular railway, followed by a gondola to Blauherd and finally a cable car onwards to the Rothorn. The view of the mountain and the valley tends to keep the Rothorn clear and sunny, even when Zermatt is submerged in cloud.

Klein Matterhorn
It is the peak of the Penine Alps, overviewing Zermatt by a cable car. The last station lies at a height of 3,820 metres. This point offers the finest view of the mountain.

Not much difference with Klein Matterhorn, Rothorn offers a view of Matterhorn peak.

Monte Rosa Massif
Monte Rosa is the highest mountain in the Swiss Alps. It is covered by glaciers so tourist usually do a skiing and winter sports there.


1. Where is Zermatt located?
a. Australia
b. England
c. Switzerland
d. Singapore

2. What is its famous uniqueness?
a. There are no transportation in the village
b. The tour is one of the best one in the world
c. There are electric cars as the main transportation
d. The hotels are all old ones but they are luxurious

3. Tourists can reach Zerrmatt by these transportations below, except ... 
a. by plane
b. by car
c. by train
d. by taxi

4. Zermatt is also famous for its easy access to a mountain named ...
a. the Druesberg
b. the Machapuchare
c. the Aconcagua
d. the Matterhorn

5. The Matterhorn Museum is also known as ...
a. Zermatterhof
b. Zermacervin
c. Zermatlantis
d. Zermatergrat

Okay, so that's all about Zermatt. It is a very beautiful village, right? I am sure that Indonesia could try to reduce air pollution like Zermatt does, couldn't we? :))

Thank you for reading!

Source : http://www.zermatt.ch/en/Attractions/Top-10-Attractions/Village-Tour-Zermatt

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