Saturday, September 10th, 2016 was an important day for SMAN 3 Bandung as SMAN 3’s annual literary arts and cultural festival for this year was held that day. Yes, it was MEGANTARA.

Like I said before, Megantara is a cultural festival presented by SMAN 3 Bandung that was open to public. It is one of the ways that SMAN 3 did to conserve Indonesia’s precious culture. It took place in Lapangan Bali.

Megantara started at 11.35 AM but for us students, we should have come at 07.00 AM to do a parade with traditional clothes (kebaya for the girls and pangsi for the boys). Not only us, some kindergarten students also join the parade. We walked through many streets nearby and sang along to promote Megantara. We finished the parade at about 09.00.

I entered Megantara at 12.00 PM. There were so many food tents and trucks there. Decorations for the festival were also very nice to be seen. They were all about Indonesian culture. So many people came to Megantara, not only SMAN 3 students. 

In front of the stage was an open area without any canopy, so when it was still afternoon many people chose to sit under the tent. The first performer was Band 3, followed by Jaipong Contemporer, LSS (Lingkup Seni Sunda), and then KPA 3. After that there were many other performances from MK 3, KV 3, TsT, and etc. Not only performances from extracurriculars, each 10th grader class also chose 3 students to do a fashion show wearing traditional Indonesian clothes.

In the end of Megantara there were the Changcuters and RAN. They performed very well and many people enjoyed the show.

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