Human Genome Project


The Human Genome Project

In my opinion, one of the important discoveries in the last 60 years to the human’s life is the Human Genome Project. Do you all know what it is? Why do I think that it is important?

I guess it might be the first time you hear or read about the Human Genome Project, as actually it is not involved in our everyday life. Here, I am going to talk about it a bit and its advantages. Happy reading!

Early days : a DNA-sequencing lab in 1994
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The Human Genome Project (HGP) is a scientific research which goal is to determine human DNA base pairs sequence and the mapping of human genome. This project initiated in 1990 and on April 14, 2003 the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), the Department  of Energy (DOE) and their partners published their successful DNA sequencing, and now, we can see the database in the internet. It contributes a significant biological development to the field of molecular biology and medicine until genetics and evolutions.

First of all, the HGP helps us to indentify diseases on specific gen alleles so that we can predict and prevent them. From the HGP, we know which genes can cause a particular disease, so doctors will be able to offer a preventive medical action to the patient, or they can replace the harmful gen with the normal one and it will work out as a medicine. By doing this, many people will not suffer genetic diseases.

Second, it leads us to the improvement of medicine. The discovery of specific gen alleles diseases will lead us to find methods to cure them. Actually a long time is needed to complete this goal, but because of the HGP, the information of DNA sequence will decrease the fund required for this project as it helps researchers to decide whether the response of a medicine in the genes involved is fine or not for an individual body or even a population. In this case, many more effective medicines will be invented because it is tailored for specific medical needs.

Third, it can be used in helping analysing a criminal by DNA forensic identification. The HGP provides a method to reveal the DNA sequence. Fingerprinting method can help us to compare a suspect to the DNA sample found in a crime scene to make sure whether he or she is the right person or not. Since each organism has its own DNA sequence, it is also possible to know the relationship between suspects, victims, or other people involved in the criminal.

May be for us commoners, the HGP doesn’t influence our life. But later, if there are no more ethical, legal, and social issues, we can feel the advantages mostly in curing a disease. There will be more effective and cheaper medicine, less genetic diseases, and more gen therapies. Even though further research is needed to make sure no serious effects are caused by those gen treatments, the HGP project will be the database of the research.

So, those are why I think that the Human Genome Project is important for our further life. I hope that this project will bring more advantages for human's life, especially for our health. 

And now it seems that you have reached the end of this post! Thank you for reading!

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