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Science Camp is an event from SMAN 3 Bandung that is followed by students who already had an experience in participating a competition. This year’s Science Camp was the fourth and was followed by 54 students. It took place in Villa Taman Bougenville Pangalengan from September 16th until 17th, 2016. Students who are invited to join this camp are automatically considered as the member of TRILOGI.

On Friday, September 16th we (participants and committee) gathered in Lapangan Upacara Jl. Belitung at 06.30. First, we lined up an put our bags in the truck (as we went there by truck), and then we got in. We were separated between the boys and the girls. We left at 07.00 and reached the location at 08.30. There, we went directly to the hall (well, it wasn’t actually a hall) to follow the opening “ceremony”. There are some opening speech from Kang Alif Alwinutama as the Chairman of Science Camp, Ibu Diana Susyari as TRILOGI Leader, and Pak Oman as the representative of Pak Andang Segara as the headmaster of SMAN 3 Bandung. After that, Pak Oman led the prayer and opened the fourth Science Camp (Science Camp IV) with the motto : Scientia sit Potentia, which means Knowledge is Power and the main topic was research.


Our first seminar was from Dr. Rike Yulianti from LIPI. She taught us about research methods and how to compose a research report. She also told us about some interesting research topics that had once been in LKIR (lomba Karya Ilmiah Remaja) or other international research competition. The next lesson was from Ibu Yattini from SMAN 3 Bandung. She taught us about some types of research topics and how to compose a research report systematically and grammatically correct.

After all of that, we were told to do a research about the topic that our group (it was made by the committee) got. My group did a little research about 3D (three dimensional) glasses, mentored by Kang Satria. 3D glasses in our everyday life usually is red and blue colored and it is used to see a red and blue picture, but what is the effect if we change the lense into orange and blue colored but we keep using it to see the red and blue picture? I thought it would be very simple, but evidently there were so many theories we needed to know to understand how 3D glasses work. Kang Satria explained them all to us, and at last we understood how they work. Then, we made the orange and blue colored 3D glasses and compared it to the red and blue colored by wearing it and looking at a red and blue 3D picture. The result was : if we wear an orange and blue colored 3D glasses to see a red and blue colored picture, we will not see a 3D picture, it keeps being an ordinary 2D picture.

Our research was done on time and our next task was to make a presentation and a report based on the research. My group got some troubles in making the presentation about the basic heory. As a result, we had not finished our presentation on the first day.

When the time for making the report was up, we were asked to line up and sit down and we did a reflection.  When it was finished, we were told by the committee that our tent was flooded so that we could not sleep there. As a solution, that night we slept in the hall where the committee should have slept in.

Our first activity for the second day should have been star gazing at 02.00 AM, but, once more, since it was still raining, we could not do it. We got more time for sleep. We were asked to wake up at 05.00 and tidy up our beds so that the hall could be used for the activities again, then we play some games. When it was done, we were asked to line up and count to make a group. In our group, we answered some questions that were given in a limited time (until 07.00).

When we had finished doing the task, we could continue making our research report and presentation. We should have it done at about 08.00. Then, we presented our research results in front of other participants and teachers. My group did the best that we could even though there were some mistakes that we made.

When all groups had done the presentation, we went outside to take some photos and played kite. That was our last activity before we went back to SMAN 3 Bandung and each of us went back home.

I am very happy as I could join this year’s Science Camp. I learned so many things about research, efficiency in working, and team work.

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