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We must all suffer one of two things : the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment. –Jim Rohm

Without hard work and discipline it is difficult to be a top professional. 
–Jahangir Khan

Hello everyone! Reading the title and two quotes above, I think it is obvious what I will tell you about in this post. LDKS, discipline, leadership, and their friends.

Thursday, September 29th until Saturday, October 1st, 2016 all SMAN 3 10th graders did an outside teaching and learning activity (Kegiatan Belajar Mengajar). It was LDKS ( Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa / Basic Student’s Leadership Training ). We did this activity in RINDAM Siliwangi in Jl. Menado.

We had to arrive there on Thursday, September 29th at 06.30 AM. First the soldiers asked us to make a line in front of the gate, separated between boys and girls. When they said we could move forward, we walked to the hall to gather with the other students that had arrived earlier. Then we counted to
check if the students were complete or not. When all the students had come, we made a line again and moved to our own barrack. There were 4 barracks for the girls; Mundinglaya 1, Mundinglaya 2, Iswahyudi 1, and Iswahyudi 2. I was in Barrack Mundinglaya 2 with the other 54 girls from various classes (the rooms were not classified by classes). Our Barrack was commanded by Teh Felita and was marked by another senior (I forget her name).

Our moving to barrack started the feeling of LDKS. Before getting in we were told to put our bags on our own bed (that we chose) and not doing any other activity. And we did. After that, we were asked to get all our things out (clothes, towel, books, snacks, drinks, etc.) and made a line again in front of the barrack door in about 5 minutes. If we were late there would be a counting delay. When we had finished, the countings stopped. In this first occasion (as I remember) we had already made a counting delay (54 seconds). Yes, our barrack commander yelled.

From barrack, we moved to the hall again to follow the opening ceremony. LDKS was opened by Bapak Andang Segara as the Headmaster of SMAN 3 Bandung. After that there was an explanation of schoold regulations and we were given a small blue book filled with orders in SMAN 3 Bandung (actually Ibu Netty should have been the orator in this session but unfortunately she couldn't come). The next session was from P2TP2A about physical and psychological self-protection for men and women.

When the time showed that it was 12.00 PM, those who wanted to shalat were asked to leave the hall and for the others could have lunch first. At first I thought I would be given a freedom in eating (as I felt that all my movings were directed there) but in fact it was a BIG NO.

 - Regulations in Eating (Table Manners) -
1. Before you enter the eating room you should make a line first (as always), when someone asked you to enter the room, then you should, but if nothing was said, stay still.
2. You should walk in quietly and go forward to the empty seat. 1-long-chair (it was like a bench) was enough for 4 people. When you had already found one, you should stand behind the chair. If someone asked you to seat, then sit down; sit upright and look straight ahead.
3. One brave student led the prayer and we prayed together. The movement of the heads should be together, in two countings.
4. When there was an instruction to take your food, then take it fast but quietly. Nobody was allowed to stand nor made noise while eating.
5. When there was an instruction to eat, then eat it in the limited time given (ex : 10 minutes). Sit upright and eat your food based on the manners (spoon goes to the mouth, no mouth goes to the spoon). No rice was accepted in the plate after you ate. In this session usually the seniors started yelling again (actually it was between yelling and shouting, or both could be)
6. If you had done eating, put all the trashes on your plate and keep sitting upright.
7. When the time was up, we would pray together again and went outside the eating room.

After we all had finished eating, we went directly to the field to do PBB (Pasukan Baris Berbaris) until 16. 30 PM. Then we took a bath, which was ANOTHER HARD THING to do there.

- Regulations in Taking a Bath -
1. You had to make a line in front of the barrack's door
2. If you barrack commander told you to get in and take you toiletries, then do it in the limited time given and go back outside and make a line again.
3. The barrack were separated into 3 groups.
4. Each group had 3 minutes to take a bath.
5. If you took more time than given, the barrack commander/seniors would knock hardly on you bathroom door while shouting the time and some other sentences.
6. Beware of things that might happen caused by the shortness of the bathroom door.
7. If you had already finished taking a bath, get outside the bathroom and go back to the barrack to tidy up your things.

(And that was how we took a bath there) After taking a bath, we went to the eating room again to have dinner. When it was 06.00 PM those who wanted to shalat were asked to go to the mosque and the others stayed in the hall. While waiting, the Christians had a bit conversation with one of the Christian soldier there.

When all students had already gathered in the hall again, we did the last activity of the first day, Election of Ketua Angkatan 32019.

We woke up at 2.00 AM and some of us brushed teeth and washed face. When it was already 3.00 AM we lined up to go to the mosque. The moslems did tahajud shalat and the others stayed outside the mosque. It finished at about 4.30 AM and from there we went to the field to do some warm up. After that we took a bath and had breakfast.

The next activity was going to the hall and listen to some materials given. It was about Four Pillars of Living as a Civilian (by an army) and the danger of using narcotics (by Ibu Ida Rohayani). When the materials were done, we did PBB, had lunch and then we went back to the hall. At that moment there was a PSAS checking by seniors. So many students (especially girls, including me) made a mistake and we had to think for the consequences that made our seniors convince that we wouldn't make any mistake again. And that was very annoying as all of our opinions were denied. But at last the punishment was bending, and for your information, bending was the first suggestion we gave (but at first the seniors rejected).

When we had done the punishments, we did a rehearsal for the closing ceremony. After that we went back to barrack to take a bath and to the eating room to have dinner. After that, the moslems went to the mosque and the others stayed at the hall. As there was a blackout in rindam, after shalat was done we could go back to our barrack and sleep.

Not much difference with day 2, we woke up at 2.00 AM with more spirit as we would go home, brushed teeth, washed face, and I decided to take a bath. When it was already 3.00 AM we lined up to go to the mosque. The moslems did tahajud shalat and the others stayed outside the mosque. It finished at about 4.30 AM and from there we went to the field to do some warm up. After that we took a bath and had breakfast.

From there we went to the hall to hear a motivation presented by Kang Gun-Gun (SMAN 3 Alumni). It talked mainly about positive energy that we had to do for ourselves and others. After the motivation session was finished, we went to the field to play mindset games. We didn't play all the games planned as we didn't have enough time. From there we went to the hall to follow the closing ceremony. It was a very serious one and everything seemed to have been perfect.

The Closing Ceremony meant LDKS was finished. I was so glad at that time! As we would go home, we went back to barrack to pack our things and tidy up the room.

After that, all of us could go home happily, with no counting while taking a bath, preparing thing or toiletries: no shouting, yelling, and seniority anymore. (sometimes the seniors were more fierce that the armies).

That's all from me about LDKS, sorry if  there are some mistakes or any wrong words, but all the stories above are based on a real experience. Thank you for reading! (:

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