Holiday Time!


Hello everyone! For this post, I’m going to tell you about my 2-weeks-recess. 

After I had done the final semester test, I literally had nothing to do with school. So, actually, it can be said that I started my holiday on December 6th. But, the report card was given on December 23rd. So here, I will say that my holiday started on December 24th. OK that wasn’t important. So let’s start!

That was my first year to have a holiday starting one day before Christmas as it used to be one or two weeks earlier – but it doesn’t really matter.

On Friday, December 23rd, my aunt, uncle, and my cousins,  Arthur (4) and Michelle (3) from my mother’s family came to my house. I got a task : baby sitting. Almost all day long I and my sister accompanied and oversaw them. Playing Lego, Play-Doh, and dolls or watching toy reviews and cartoons. I didn’t get bored as they are soo active and cutee and I rarely meet them because they come to my house only twice a year. So that was what I did on Friday and Saturday. I just stayed at home.

On Sunday, which was December 25th – Christmas Day, I spent most of the day at Borromeus Hospital. I and my family left home at 8 A.M. At first, we planned to go to church, but then, we decided to follow the afternoon mass at 5 P.M. because we needed to go Borromeus. My father’s cousin (I called her aunt) was going to have a surgery for a cyst in her ovary. We headed to Borromeus. When we got there, the surgery hadn’t been started but my aunt had already got into the Operation Chamber. At about 9.30 A.M. the surgery started.

My father, mother, sister, and I waited outside while my cousins waited downstairs at the children’s playground. After waiting for some hours, the doctor called my uncle with a shocking news, there was a cyst with a cauliflower-like mass signing a malignant tumor (cancer), appendicitis, and hernia. Everybody was shocked and sad. The surgery was done at 3 P.M. We left the hospital and headed to a restaurant nearby to have lunch. From there we went to Cathedral Church to follow the Christmas mass.

The church was decorated very nicely. The mass finished at about 7 P.M.Then we went to Istana Plaza to have dinner and bought Lego and toys for my cousins. After that, we went home. That was my Christmas Day, it was a quite-sad one.

The next days were just ordinary. I played with my cousins and just stayed at home, sometimes I watched TV or a movie.

On Thursday December 29th, my cousins went back to Bekasi. I had nothing to do, so I decided to make a DIY (do-it-yourself) for my room decoration. Firstly, I searched for stuffs such as magazines, boxes, cardboards, scissors, glue, double tape, and etc. Then I surfed the internet and YouTube for an idea. But then I found out that the things that I would need were quite hard to be found as they were usually sold in the Dollar Store, or it usually needs a drill on the wall and I was prohibited to do that.

So I just tried to look for the simple one. I succeeded to make 4-word-quotes, a diamond from a magazine, and some logos for wall decorations. That wasn’t really good but, yeah, at least I did something “productive” during my holiday.

On New Year’s Eve, I did nothing special and for New Year’s Day, I went to church and then went back home. How wonderful my New Year was, right? :))

After the New Year’s Day, I had just realized that school was coming soon and I hadn’t done anything useful. I regretted what I did during my holiday (a little bit). But then I thought that I wouldn’t get any free time like that if school has been started, so I decided to give my brain a rest. I did nothing during that week. Almost every day I followed my mother going to Borromeus Hospital. 

On Monday January 9th I started going to school again. HOLIDAY’S OVER. Back to routine! I just hoped my brain hadn’t stopped.

Sooo that was what I did during the semester break. How’s yours?

That’s all for this post! Thank you for reading! :))

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