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Dewa Athena is a sports competition among 10th Graders or 11th Graders in 3 Senior High School Bandung. It was held separatedly in three Saturdays – on March 25th (elimination), April 1st  (semifinal), and April 8th (final). It took place in Lapangan Bali.

March 25th – 1st DEWA ATHENA
We were asked to come at 07.00 to follow the opening ceremony but then it started late. After the speech from Leader of OSIS was being read, Dewa Athena was started.
The first competition for X Acceleration is basketball at 07.55-08.20. The players from our class was Raihan, Yahya, Dio, Ernest, and Ziyad. They played against X IPA 6. In the middle of the game, Yahya was sometimes replaced by Maher. They played very well, but our rival did it better. We lost the game so we wouldn’t be playing basketball for the semifinal. But it doesn’t matter, a loss wouldn’t lower our class’ spirit!

At 08.15-08.20 Dio, Adel, Gita, Ziyad joined the relay run competition. We opposed X IPA 9 but they came late so the competition was held later. We had a good start, Dio ran very fastly so we had a chance of reaching the finish line first and we did it! We made it to the quarterfinal round and would be facing X Social.

The next game was Gobak Sodor. Our class’ representatives were Maher, Yahya, Alvira, Hafsa, Dila, Gita, Raihan, Adeline, Kevin, Ziyad. We fought against X IPA 4. Gobak Sodor is actually one of Indonesian traditional games. In the first round, our class was the guard, we had to hinder our opponent so that they won’t pass the border line. In the second round, our class was the one who had to pass the guard. We lost this game. Most of our players were hit by the guard so they couldn’t make it to the next line. But we had so much fun in this game!

After that we had to go to the ward to watch Ernest and Ziyad playing badminton. We faced X IPA 8. I really, really admit that our team played so well! They might miss some chances, but they succeeded in more. We won both sets of the game and made it to quarterfinal. Ernest and Ziyad would be facing X IPA 5.

Our next game was relay run again. Dio, Adel, Gita, Ziyad faced X Social. This was the quarterfinal round. Our players ran faster than our opponents and yes, we reached the finish line first! We would continue joining estafette run competition in semifinal round.

From there, we went back to the field. Najwa, Adel, Alvira, Hafsa, Dila was going to play the girls’ futsal, playing against X IPA 6. The goalkeeper in the first round was Najwa. One goal was made by our opponent in the beginning of the game. After that, Hafsa changed Najwa’s position and Adel was replaced by Gita. We continued the game for two rounds but unluckily we lost the game. No problem, we still had some games to go!

In this photo : they boys were teaching the girls some techniques they might need

The next game was Tarik Tambang. Usually Tarik Tambang was contested on Independence Day, so it was identic with Indonesian traditional game. Yahya, Dila, Kevin, Rana, Kirana, David, Ziyad, Dita, Kenny, David, and I were our class’ representatives for this game. We opposed X IPA 2. We tried so hard to withstand our opponent’s pull and luckily we won both rounds. Kenny was the MVP! We made it to the semifinal.

At about 12.00-13.15 Raihan, Ziyad, Yahya, Kevin, and Ernest played the boys’ futsal. Kevin was the goalkeeper. In the beginning of the game I went out to have lunch (so sorry L) so I don’t know exactly how it was. In the middle of the game, Maher joined, but then I heard that Maher fell down until his pants were perforated and his knees were hurt. But result never betrays work! We won the game and made it to quarter final.

And at last, we reached almost the end of the day. Our last game, Badminton. It was held at 15.00 so I went to have lunch (again) and accompany my mother buying fruits at Total first. After that, I went back to Bali field to watch Badminton. Ziyad and Ernest faced X IPA 5. Our team was in spirit while playing this game, we played our best and we succeeded! We would continue joining Badminton in semifinal.

That’s all for Day-1. I had so much fun during the elimination round even though I myself didn’t join many games. I’m sooo happy that my class could continue most of the games to the quarterfinal or semifinal round. I hope for the best for next week’s Dewa Athena.

April 1st – 2nd DEWA ATHENA
We were asked to come to Lapangan Bali at 07.00 also. But, the same as last week, it started late as it rained the day before so we had to wait until the field was not too slippery for the competition. It started at about 07.30.

Our class’ first competition was boys’ dodge ball. We played against X IPA 9. The players from our class were David, Raihan, Dio, Yahya, Ziyad, and Kenny. At the beginning of the match, we didn’t lose that much of points but then unluckily they won both rounds of the game L but it wasn’t a big deal!

From there we went to the running track to watch the relay run. Two of our previous players couldn’t join the competition as Adel had a cramp on her leg and Dio had to follow PAK. So, they were replaced by Raihan and Dita. The other two players were Ziyad and Gita. Then the competition between X Aksel and X IPA 7 started. They ran very fast but our opponent ran faster. Even though we didn’t win this game, we still had so much fun!

When the relay run was finished, we realised that suddenly Gita was sitting on the running track because she had a cramp too. The medical team came and Dila helped bending her leg. She screamed really hard but thanks God, at last she could walk again.

Our next game was Tarik Tambang. We would be facing X IPA 4. Before we started the game, we were pessimistic to win as our most valuable player, Kenny, was gone. But, of course, we still had the passion to win the game. In the first match, we succeeded  in making the opponents lost. But in the second round they did a comeback and we lost the game. Third round was did and unfortunately we lost the game. Some of our friends were sad as we had lost three games in a row but the others gave them spirit and hope that we could still win the other games.

From there, we went to the field to watch the boys’ futsal. We played against X IPA 3. Most of our players said that they were tough opponents as most of them were aces. But what happened? Our class won the game 4-1. Ziyad did a hattrick and one more goal was given by Raihan. We made it to the next round. Congratulations for their great job! (at last we could win a game that day)

In the middle of the game, the girls had to go to the ward to join dodge ball. We played against X IPA 10. At first there were not so many gap in the points. When the game almost ended, Hafsa suddenly fell down when catching the ball because her ankle was dislocated, but at last we succeeded throwing the ball at them. Dila was the only player left from our team. The girls could continue playing dogde ball in the next round.

Our next competition was the boys’ futsal. They would be facing X IPA 6. This time, we were more pessimistic to win. In the game, our players played very well even though our opponen played better. The goal was really hard to be made so we were left behind. But it wasn’t a matter! Our class was very good to have reached that round!

When the game was finished, it was break time! Some of us played badminton in the ward to prepare the next competition (Najwa-Dita and Ernest-Ziyad). Suddenly, Gita came in and told us that Raihan had a cramp on his leg. We went out and Raihan was already sitting in pain. The medical team and some other students came to help. At last, he could stand again even though he seemed to be still in pain.

We went back to the ward to have some rest. Not a long time after that, we were told to prepare for volleyball while Najwa and Dita would be playing badminton against X IPS.

Our class had only a little ability on volley, we were confused who the players would be. At last, we went to the field and Dila, Gita, Kevin, Adel, and some others were the players. The game started. We were facing X IPA 7 and they played very well. We were lost. Yeah, it’s okay! Predicted loss.

Not with Najwa and Dita. They won the game and they would be competing again at 15.00.

From there we headed to the ward again to watch Ernest and Ziyad. They would be playing badminton against X IPA 9. They played very well, but may be they were so tired and their concentration was not as good as their opponent so they couldn’t score many points. We lost the game and from their faces, Ernest and Ziyad were very sad. Actually they tried so hard and it was more than enough for us!

The next game would be the girls’ badminton, Najwa and Dita would be facing X IPA 9. And the game was really tight. There were three rounds and at last we won! Najwa and Dita would be competing again next week. Congratulations and keep spirit!

Okay, that's all for Dewa Athena's post! See you in next post! 

Thank you for reading! :))x 

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